What is Period Panty and How Do They Work?

what is period panty and how do they work ?

There are always discussions about feminine hygiene products such as menstrual cups, tampons, and pads that give you the freedom to carry on with your life without worrying excessively about potential blood stains.

Quite many options are available to us when it comes to menstrual hygiene, however, we naturally choose pads or tampons as that is what is prevalent in our culture and what we see others using. Although sanitary pads and tampons are common choices, there has been a recent shift to more environmentally friendly options.

Period underwear is one of many innovations in the field of feminine hygiene products, so it is time to stray from your regular selections and try something new. Therefore, this article will go through period underwear’s convenience, health benefits, and cost-efficiency.

Introducing: Menstrual Underwear

Similar to a pad, period underwear is intended to be worn underneath clothing. This underwear typically has a built-in pocket where you can place your menstrual cup or tampon and have it secured by yet another piece of fabric. Nonetheless, you can also wear period underwear without any other hygiene product depending on your period flow.

Just like menstrual cups, period underwear has advantages and disadvantages. However, you must ensure that it fits securely enough to prevent leakage. The additional layer of clothing prevents your period from ruining your clothes, but it also increases the likelihood that you will need to change your underwear more frequently than with a menstrual cup.

Plus point those period panties has is that it is a reusable, environmentally friendly substitute that encourages free bleeding.

Who can use menstrual cycle underwear?

For those who menstruate lightly to moderately frequently, period panties are best.

Due to their reusable nature, period panties are also a good option for people who want or need an environmentally friendly product.

However, for those who menstruate frequently and heavily, period underwear is not the best option. This is due to the fact that they are only intended for mild to moderate days. A few underwear brands might offer inserts, but they are frequently only available in one size that fits all or need washing so they shrink to fit your body. As a result, you might need to change these inserts more frequently than period underwear if your period is heavier than usual.

How does period panty work?

The “process” of period underwear and a pad is identical, with underwear being the more comfortable choice. Period underwear has a similar appearance to regular underwear, but the fabric is different.

  • For blood absorption, extra layers of microfibre polyester are used.
  • The layers stop the moisture from dripping onto your clothing or coming into direct contact with the skin or vagina.
  • Period underwear’s main goals are to soak up moisture away from the skin, absorb blood, and stop leaks.

Generally, period panties absorb light to moderate flow, equal to 1-2 tampons.

How convenient are period underwear?

In general, period underwear is more practical than pads and tampons. This is so that you do not have to take your bag out of your bag to insert a small insertable into the pocket. Due to this, it may be simple to throw it into your purse or gym bag when commuting. Due to the absence of any overt menstrual blood stains beyond the pants or skirt, they are worn with, period underwear is also more covert.

How to clean period underwear?

It can be worn in the same manner as regular underwear. To prevent odours, you should wash or change your underwear at least once every 12 hours.

  • To wash your panties, soak them in cold water and rinse them gently.
  • While using the washing machine, use a washable mesh bag. Always wash on a gentle cycle.
  • Do not use a dryer.
  • Dry naturally under the sun.

Are period panties cost-effective?

Since period underwear is a reusable menstrual product, replacing them more frequently than necessary won’t save you money. Depending on how frequently you use them and the type of material they are made of, this happens typically every few months.

Period underwear is a more eco-friendly way for those who menstruate frequently and are light to moderately heavy when compared to pads and tampons. Since they do not need to be changed if an insertable layer is used, they can last longer than reusable pads.

Benefits Of Using Period Underwear

The advantages you get by using period underwear are that it is hygienic, rash-free, made of organic material, economical, has antibacterial properties and you get increased absorbency. Moreover, it prevents skin irritation, Toxic Shock Syndrome, and leakage issues. While wearing period panties you can even go biking or hiking or can do activities with much ease.

Many brands are offering reusable period underwear that is durable, cozy, and ethical. They typically have four layers and provide protection from stains, leaks, odours, and bacteria.

The demand for environmentally-friendly menstrual hygiene products is growing, and many brands are addressing it. A startling 7% of all municipal waste in India is made up of menstrual hygiene products.

1 million sanitary pads are produced each month to meet the needs of women and girls who are menstruating, resulting in annual disposal in landfills of 12 billion pads in India alone. Given that a single pad can take up to 800 years to decompose, this is extremely concerning.

However, today we all are committed to moving in the right direction and aren’t afraid to change our way of life to do it.

What Are The Cons Of Period Underwear?

Period underwear has no negative side effects, but some people find the smell unsettling because there is a chance you will smell it as your period starts to flow outside of your body. Another drawback is that it comes in a smaller variety of styles and might be costlier than tampons and pads.

Well- Wisher’s Words

Health professionals point out that you can make the switch from tampons and pads to underwear more comfortable by combining period underwear with other menstruation products. Period underwear is typically chosen for its comfort and simplicity of use, with the added bonus of decreasing waste, rather than for any particular health benefits.


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