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SheDays has exclusively tailored products of 280mm and 330mm sizes for day and night, which are dry to touch, eco-friendly, and sustainable for the go-getter, modern-day women. SheDays is a sanitary product line that will provide you with a rash-free, irritation-free, allergy-free, cruelty-free, and harmful chemical-free experience during your period days. In short, you have nothing to worry about!

All SheDays hygiene products are manufactured without using any kind of dyes and are designed in such a way that there is always a flow of air to retain dryness and to keep you comfortable everywhere. Moreover, all SheDays products are quality- and Dermatologically – tested.

All SheDays products are dermatologically tested, both nationally and internationally by Australia Certified: Safe Cosmetics Australia – The Toxic-Free Campaign. Moreover, they are made in India and are safe, allergy-free, toxin-free, rash-free, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free.

We have an army of experts who ensure safety at each and every level of the production line. From keeping an eye on ingredients used to detecting any kind of safety issues, everything is kept under check.

Yes! SheDays products are all toxic-free aka environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we do not solely focus on self-care but also on the Earth and its people too. Together

All SheDays feminine products are made from, sensitive-area tested ingredients with Zero Leaks surety, that is, the soft top layer will soak all the moisture from your period and keep you fresh and dry all day long without any leakage.

Not At All! When using SheDays products, you have nothing to worry about. All ingredients undergo safety tests to ensure that we can provide you with products that are rash-, allergy- and irritation-free.

As long as you keep the sanitary products in a cool and dry place, they will remain long-lasting. Technically it has an expiry date of 36 months

SheDays is a brand under ‘Tarush Lifecare Pvt. Ltd.’, which deals in Feminine Hygiene Products
SheDays currently deals in Sanitary Pads
SheDays Sanitary pads are of two types called ‘Day’ & ‘Night’. ‘Day’ has a size of 280mm and ‘Night’ has a size of 330mm.
‘Day Pad’, as the name suggests is designed to use during day time, where the shape of the pad is focussed on the flow orientation during users day time activities. Similarly a ‘Night Pad’ is designed to use during Night time, where the extra length along with curvy wider back will aid in providing higher surface area to the night time flow orientation, ultimately leading to a leak proof and fuss free experience.
Owing to the nomenclature of the product, the package always has even numbers of 6, 10, 20 pads, where half if for ‘Day Pads’ and other half for ‘Night Pads’
Because the product is manufactured to feel super smooth to touch, to absorb the menstrual blood and to keep it away from contacting the skin surface. The hydrophobic side leak protection design of the pad also aids in arresting leaks to the sides of the pad. Moreover these pads do not use any sort of scent, to avoid contact with any carcinogenic agents.

Dermatologically TestedMade Safe Certification
Allergy Certified
Australian Certified Toxic Free certification
Vegan Friendly Certified
Cruelty-Free Certified
ISO 9001-2015
GMP Certified

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